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The Auto Step was designed to prevent injury in the work place.

Have you found your self standing on a bucket, block of wood or even a turned over milk crate? I know I have, and you sometimes find yourself struggling to hang on or not tip over the bucket.  Well, now there is a solution to that:  it’s called the Auto Step.  The Auto Step will harness to any tire legally on the road today and allow you to work on your truck, SUV or motor home.

It will allow you to replace windshields and even wipers, the Auto Step is great for doing body work or even washing those hard to reach areas.

This product allows you to access the vehicle while carrying parts, windshield and even some tools.

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The AUTO STEP’s patented design gives the user multiple, safe, working platforms.  Sometimes you need to be on top of your work, other times to the side of it.  The AUTO STEP has been engineered to have a solid foundation against both the vehicle’s tire and the ground, eliminating any unwanted movement.  Even if the vehicle happens to be in neutral.  Unlike those other “over-the-tire” steps, the AUTO STEP sits against the sidewall of the tire instead of on the tread.  Therefore, there is no roll to the platform as you shift your weight or move towards the front or rear of the step.

Kim & Liesel, the creators of the Auto Step

Kim & Liesel, the creators of the Auto Step

The AUTO STEP will harness to any passenger truck or SUV tire on the road today, up to 35″, and allow you to repair or clean your truck, SUV or motor home, giving you the safe, solid foundation you need.

The top platform is made of plastic resin for durability and strength, is contoured to fit the curve of the tire’s sidewall and has a non-slip grip to keep your feet firmly planted.  It is also is conservatively rated for 250lbs .  The legs are high grade fiberglass and the steps are grooved aluminum.  The tough, nylon harness is made of three over-the-tire straps with one around the back of the tire for additional support.  It also has adjustable, non-slip strap locks on each side, allowing you to quickly adjust to any size tire, and like the top step, is safety yellow.

Weighing in at only 6lbs, the AUTO STEP is also one of the lightest stepping platforms on the market.  Since the strap is the only moving part, there’s no danger of pinching your fingers during installation or removal.  Unlike those steel over-the-tire steps…  It’s narrow footprint also makes it a breeze to store.  Slip it between cabinets, hang it from your toolbox or workbench, or slip it behind the seat in your truck.  No other step on the market is as light or stores as easily.

The AUTO STEP was designed to prevent injury at home and in the work place and give you peace of mind as you get to those hard-to-reach places.  It allows the average vehicle owner to safely tackle all those tough, out-of-reach tasks; replace windshield wipers, clean the windshield or roof, load cargo carriers, and even load and unload truck beds.  The Auto Step is also great for doing body work or replacing windshields.  It allows you to access the vehicle while carrying parts, cleaning materials, and even some tools.  Whether you’re a shop owner, a mechanic, or simply a large vehicle owner, the AUTO STEP will be one of the most valuable tools you own.

So stop using over turned buckets.  Use that old milk crate for rags, not a step stool.  Throw some cold ones in that cooler instead of standing on it to work on your rig.  Get yourself an AUTO STEP.  Your ankles, knees, and nerves will thank you.

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Auto Step, defeating unsafe practices!


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